Injection moulding

Talent Plastics Tartu is located in the center of Estonia in a town known by it’s Swedish established university - University of Tartu. 

Talent Plastics Tartu AS have finalized project „Digitalization roadmap“

The main focus was describe next steps of digitalization possibilities in the company. To develop from beginner to a professional in digital sense.

Now all processes are described how they really are and also the first target is on place which is digitalizing the sales and project activities.

The project is supported by the EAS (Enterprise Estonia) by the Structural Funds 'ERDF' in amount 9000EUR.

Talent Plastics Tartu – your plastic aid

"The above video was made to celebrate Talent Plastic Tartu 20th anniversary. The video makes a short introduction to the plastic production world and gives an overview of the company. Many thanks to the people who helped to put together this video and who participated in it, including the interviewed Sveta D (she has been in the company for 18 years now) and Laura K (who started as the sales manager in May 2020)."

The company was established in 2000, with main focus on low cost country benefits. Today the operations have developed to a technical level which allows high level production with lower cost advantage, still. Most of the plastic products have additional assembly operations performed after moulding to offer high value added to our customers. There is temperature and humidity controlled area for sensitive components assembly. There is also ESD approved assembly equipment available. Company is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 , with focus on quality and therefore PPAP procedures are common. Quality references: delivery precision 99 %; internal scrap rate below 1 %.


  • 16 injection molding machines up to 250 tons
  • Assembly competencies
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Packing
  • Hot stamping
  • Tampoprint
  • In-line laser marking
  • Mechanical and Pneumatical testing
  • Furniture fittings own assortment catalogue

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Talent Plastics Tartu AS
Tööstuse tee 4, Tõrvandi, EE-617 15 Tartumaa

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Tööstuse tee 4, Tõrvandi, EE-617 15 Tartumaa

Tel: +372 742 07 60
Fax: +372 742 07 62

E-post: tartu@talentplastics.ee


Roomet Soome

Managing Director



Tel: / +372 533 224 37

Laura Kaur

Sales Manager


Tel: +372 5 135 793

Argo Hunt

Project Manager


Tel: +37251985077

Tõnis Lulla

Project Manager


Tel: +372 58640402

Lauri Loona

Quality Manager


Tel: +372 5 229 749

Marko Oppar

Production Manager


Tel: +372 534 246 40

Mati Põldver



Tel: +372 7 420 760 / cell +372 581 71972

Evelyn Parve



Tel: +372 7 420 760

Aira Aasmets

Finance Manager


Tel: +372 7 420 761

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